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Our mission is to provide solutions that go beyond simply solving problems. Using technology, we aim to intelligently and effectively improve our customers’ lives, every day.




Pastel fuses technological transformation, data-driven intelligence, and creative innovation to develop new solutions and deliver targeted products and services to our customers.

Pastel also empowers online marketplaces worldwide, constantly finding untapped or ignored eCommerce niches to explore and grow within.

As both a B2C and B2B organization, we help businesses discover new markets and revamp their processes, develop a wide variety of growing product lines, fulfill consumer needs—and so much more.

Our infrastructure is supported by a global team that is passionate about engineering unique solutions and committed to delivering the most effective and efficient results.

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Pastel Consumers

Building the Future of eCommerce

Targeting Niche
Customer Solutions
Customer needs are constantly evolving, requiring companies to adapt along with them. With the numerous eCommerce sites Pastel owns and manages, we go beyond just giving consumers a list of products with different features and specs. We offer holistic solutions that meet and exceed customer satisfaction every step of the way.
Securing Consumer
Pastel’s portfolio of companies includes SpyTec, one of the world’s foremost developers and providers of security solutions. We also oversee brands such as Traveler, Data Drone, and many more to come, providing everything from dash cams and hidden cameras to trackers and audio recorders and beyond.
Providing Top-
Performance GPS
A comprehensive telematics GPS platform gives you the gear and software needed to track anything and anyone you need. SpyTec GPS is one of the top selling tracking solutions around, helping you monitor children, teen drivers, senior citizens with special care needs, potential cheating spouses, valuables and property, and much more.
Discover the Truth About
A common fear for anyone in a relationship—but with an uncommon solution that answers all questions. This eCommerce site is uniquely focused and content driven, providing custom surveillance kits offer tools and resources to catch cheaters with undeniable proof, or provide the peace of mind clients crave.

Pastel Corporate

Building Better Paths
to Business Growth

Empowering Corporate
Unique solutions provided via SpyTec and SpyTec GPS that give you peace of mind. Solutions for IT managers, executives, business owners who need to oversee fleets, track devices in the field, have employees traveling around the world, or want to ensure in-office security.
Made-for-You Business
We work with a growing number of business clients in niche industries and have seen—and helped them overcome—a wide variety of challenges and obstacles. This lets us design unique products and platforms based on proven strategies.
Guarantee Government
Secure communication and internal processes protection are the linchpins of government operations, and the public’s trust in such. Whether local, state, or federal offices, discover everything needed to manage assets, human resources, and facilities.
Go Global with
With a hub of eCommerce infrastructures already established on an international basis, we connect brands and manufacturers with the platforms needed to effectively market their products and sell their services, reaching new audiences and breaking into new markets.
Powered by Pastel
Every business survives and thrives based on the data it’s able to act on. Pastel’s highly refined tools scrape and gather the most sensitive data from vital online networks. Our team of analysts takes this raw data and molds it into actionable solutions and products that empower a business’ goals with custom reports and insights.
Solutions that
serve your
Pastel exists to solve. Our passion is finding niche problems and figuring out the best way to overcome or eliminate them.
Whether working with a business partner or bringing unique products to consumers, we’re always looking for needs that aren’t being met—and then bridging that gap.
The origins of Pastel begin with its founder, Jon, who spent decades heading up a variety of manufacturing and distribution businesses.
Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Jon constantly seeks new opportunities to evolve and expand his industrial expertise.
In response to the terrorist events of 9/11 and the ramping up of global threats, he established SpyTec as one of world’s foremost sources of security and surveillance resources.
Since then, Jon and the rest of the Pastel team continue to enjoy bringing new products and services to market.
As a global workforce, Pastel has offices in primary locations such as Jamaica, India, and NYC, with more being planned and established as we continue to grow.
This international corporate network allows us to be responsive to worldwide business events, trends, and market fluctuations, with team members embedded in the very countries we strive to serve.
Do you love a challenge?
Do you look at traditional industry practices and processes for an eye toward ways to transform the old tried-and-true?
Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit and love being involved in multiple projects at once?
Are you forever endeavoring to “build a better mousetrap?”
Have you sought to invest your skills in a diverse team that will value your input and where you know you’re making a big difference every day?
Then Pastel may have the career path for you!
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